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At ANCB we have condensed the complexity of the global challenges facing our built environment into enquiry themes with the aim to frame these abstract issues and to break them down to a level that is conceptually tangible and negotiable with multiple disciplines and the public. As a starting point for ANCB’s activities, these themes help define, guide and organise our work and demonstrate our aim to continuously and actively include new partners.

ACTORS AND AGENCY. Co-producing the Built Future
Exploring the political and spatial toolkit needed to co-produce the future city by fostering participatory and subsidiary decision-making about places and cities.

FIX IT! Sustainable Materials and New Technologies
Investigating new materials, product prototypes and technologies that play a key role in design and planning to reach sustainability goals and exemplary applications that can contribute to health and comfort, including limiting waste, helping our ecosystem and increasing affordability.

FUTUREPROOF. Building Resilient Futures
Exploring ways in which architecture can help create a more resilient and sustainable future and how the built environment can also contribute positively to climate mitigation and adaptation.

IDENTITY IN PLACE. Reconnecting Built Form with Societal Diversity
Exploring how architecture and urban planning can support the diverse identity of present-day cities.

SPACES AND SPECIES. Planning the Built Environment with Biological Diversity
The dramatic decline in biodiversity threatens the ecosystem of our planet and habitat on a global scale. Architecture and building have a profound impact on animal survival and species conservation. This ANCB programme aims to raise awareness, communicate it into all areas of society, create new networks and support further education for architects, planners and designers on the topic.

REGIONS ON THE RISE. Rethinking Strategies for Rural Development
This theme explores strategies and creates new visions for the development of rural regions of the future.


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