What is ANCB?

ANCB is an International Urban Network, a Public Cultural Platform, a Place for Alternative Urban Education and a Cross-sectoral Metropolitan Laboratory.

An International Urban Network established and upheld by pioneers in the fields of academic education, spatial practice, construction and product industry, governance, multi-disciplinary research and civic society. As an independent institution, ANCB explores new models of partnership and is ideally placed to form connections between stakeholders more accustomed to competing than collaborating with each other. ANCB operates as an active hub at the centre of this growing network of global knowledge and innovation and connects the relevant expertise and multiple perspectives to foster much-needed exchange. Read more on our network and see a list of partners here.

A Public Cultural Platform to openly discuss the critical urban issues of our time. ANCB’s public discourse programme reframes the questions at hand and offers fresh perspectives to improve human living conditions in our increasingly globalised urban environments, while grounding the discussion in the culture of distinct regional and local realities. Through its programme, ANCB continuously generates innovative ideas and provides open access to a growing open-source knowledge base. Click here to watch our videos of debates and lectures in our Documentation.

A Place for Alternative Urban Education for students and academics from universities worldwide, responding to the common demand for a new kind of built environment education. Away from their usual academic situations, ANCB’s studios and workshops offer students and faculty the space and opportunity to collaborate with partners from other universities as well as from practice, governance and industry and to focus on the process rather than the result. Universities in Residence at ANCB investigate actual urban situations in Berlin harnessing the city’s diverse urban fabric as a unique metropolitan laboratory in itself.


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